Independent Evaluations and Analyses


Studies Conducted

During the period between 1985 and today, Barber & Barber, Inc. have conducted over 200 independent evaluations of educational programs for local School Districts, County Offices of Education, Charter Schools, State and Federal Agencies.  Areas of investigation included studies concerned with special education programs, finance, organiza­tional structures, SELPA formations, governance, charter schools, and personnel. The following are examples of Studies conducted by Lou Barber and Vicki Barber.

  1. Oxnard Elementary School District, Independent Evaluation of Special Education Programs and Expert Witness Services Related to Class Action Filing, 2018
  2. Salinas Union High School District, Independent Evaluation of Special Education Programs, 2017
  3. Carpinteria Unified, Independent Evaluation of Special Education Programs, 2016
  4. Monterey Peninsula Unified, Independent Evaluation of Special Education   Programs, 2015
  5. Seattle Public Schools, Special Education Compliance Issues, 2014 – 2016
  6. Plumas County Office of Education, Independent Evaluation of administrative staffing and organizational issues, 2014
  7. Windsor Unified School District, Independent Evaluation of special education programs, services, financial issues, transportation, and administrative staff issues, 2013
  8. Mt. Diablo Unified School District, Federal Court appointed monitor on a class action law suit, 2000 - 2012
  9. Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District, Study of special education programs and services, 2008
  10. Franklin-McKinley School District, Study of special education programs and services, financial considerations, and staffing issues, 2007
  11. Mt  Diablo Unified School District, Study of all special education programs and services 1999-2000
  12. Baltimore, Maryland, County Public Schools, A complete review of all special education services, 2003-2004
  13. Glendale Unified School District, a complete review of all phases of the District’s special education program, including program, staffing, maximization of income, the effect of AB 602 on the District and early childhood programs, 2003
  14. State of Hawaii, Department of Education, Reorganization of the state agency, development of a recruitment plan for hiring and maintaining qualified special education staff and several other special education issues, 1998 and 2002
  15. Los Angeles Unified School District, Appointed Consent Decree Administrator on the Chanda Smith v  Los Angeles Unified School District, 1996 to 2003
  16. Orange Unified School District, Maximization of income, program compliance and quality of program, 1999
  17. Los Angeles Unified School District, review of total District, including the special education program, this study was the result of a class action lawsuit against the District, 1995
  18. Southwest SELPA, (Los Angeles County), General program review, effectiveness of the program and maximization of income, 1997-98
  19. Beverly Hills Unified School District program review, review of compliance issues and maximization of income 1997-98
  20. Eastside Union High School District, program review, maximization of income, 1997
  21. West Contra Costa Unified School District, validation of program effectiveness and maximization of income, 1997
  22. West Orange County Consortium for Special Education, Re­structuring of Governance, completed September,1993
  23. Tri‑County SELPA, Calaveras County, Review of governance structure, the role of the RLA and options for changing gover­nance structure, 1993
  24. Orange County Office of Education, Special Education program with relationship to reorganization and cost containment, 1992
  25. Mid‑Alameda County SELPA, review of SELPA, District and consortium responsibilities, restructuring of delivery and gover­nance   Ongoing1989 through1993
  26. Fresno Unified School District review of the SELPA related to administration, psychologists, program specialists and the Community Advisory Committee, 1992
  27. Saddleback Unified School District, 1990 and 1992, review of the role of the SELPA and the maximization of income for the District  Including a feasibility study for creation of a new single District SELPA
  28. Marin County SELPA, maximization of income and restructuring the governance structure and organizational delivery system, 1991
  29. Calaveras County Office of Education, concerning RLA respon­sibility and reorganization of the SELPA governance structure for a three county consortium, 1987
  30. Nevada/Placer County Study, 1986 and 1991 Governance, cost containment, restructuring of program and administration
  31. San Mateo County SELPA, 1986, Study concerned with reorgani­zation, governance, the role of the County Office of Education, and maximization of special education income
  32. Colusa County SELPA, 1986, Governance, Community Advisory Committee role and maximization of special education income
  33. San Diego Unified School District, 1985, Study concerned with Special Education Governance, support staff, staffing and maximization of special education income