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Improving Education for over 40 years. 


Barber & Barber Inc. has been providing consulting services for local, county, state, and national school systems for over 40 years.

Both Dr. Barbers have extensive experience as teachers and school administrators and have also been recognized as statewide and national leaders. The firm has a long history of contributing in a multitude of ways to the improvement of public education including providing independent evaluation studies, serving as consent decree administrator, serving as a mentor for top administrative staff, conducting recruitment efforts for top administrative staff positions, providing strategic interventions, supporting districts and county offices with Medi-Cal billing, and assisting charter schools in developing special education programmatic options.



Services We Offer


We provide independent evaluation studies in the areas of finance, organizational structures, special education programs and services, governance, student information systems and personnel. 


We provide support for school districts, county offices of education, and charter school in their pursuit of Medi-Cal LEA billing and MAA billing funds.

Consent Decree

We are available to serve as consent decree administrators, appointed by the federal court, over school districts involved in civil rights litigation.

Strategic Interventions

We have provided strategic interventions and helped to develop and implement proactive, collaborative efforts that are responsive to reform initiatives and/or conflicts within the public education system.

Staff Development

We provide mentor support to top administrative staff, as well as conduct recruitment efforts for top administrative staff positions, working with Governing Boards to identify outstanding candidates.

Special Education

We assist charter schools in developing special education programmatic options, as well as assisting authorizers in evaluating charter school petitions and providing oversight for charter school operations.


Public Education in this country is its own version of Lady Liberty, beckoning all children to enter schools and to learn.
— The Report of California’s Statewide Task Force on Special Education


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